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To provide our condominium and homeowner association clients with the most comprehensive and personalized administrative, financial and operational management services, by using innovative and responsive planning, in order to maximize current and future values, while at the same time doing it at the lowest practical cost. 



Joel GarsonPresident
Dale Nusbaum, Vice President
Scott Schlemmel, Director of Customer Care/Administration
Steve Bottlemy, Director of Sales
Helen Kocemba, Comptroller
Scott Millard, Director of Office Standards and Personnel
Jennie Jensen, Accounting Administrator
Tony Giangreco, Technology Administrator


Joel S. Garson, CPM, RAM, CMCA

President and Owner

Joel is the founder of Hillcrest Property Management.  Joel has a Bachelor of Science degree.  More than 35 years ago, Joel started Hillcrest by providing a new level  of personalized property management service to each and every one of his clients.  Originally, Hillcrest managed all types of real estate including apartments, shopping centers and office buildings.  As condominium ownership grew, Joel was one of the pioneers in the industry by recognizing the need for providing property management services to condominium, townhome and homeowner associations in Illinois.

Today, because of Joel's commitment to the condominium industry and his hands on management approach, Hillcrest has grown to managing over 16,000 condominium, townhome and homeowner association units in the Chicagoland area.  In the world of condominium management, Joel is an icon.  Through out his career, he has taught real estate management courses on a national level.  In addition, Joel is one of only a few individuals in the Midwest to hold the distinction of being a "Certified Manager of Community Associations" from the National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers, a "Certified Property Manager" from the National Association of Realtors and a "Certified Property Manager " from the National Association of Home Builders.

Dale Nusbaum, CPM

Vice President

Dale is responsible for all day to day operations at Hillcrest.  He has been an active member in the property management industry for over 37 years.  Dale brings hands-on experience through the managing, directing and growing of a mid-size real estate property management company located in the Chicago area.  Over the years, Dale has developed the ability to create, maintain and improve his long term relationships with clients.

Dale has a Bachelor of Science in Education.  Presently, Dale holds an Illinois license as a Certified Property Manager and a Real Estate Broker.  During his career, Dale has been a very active member in the Institute of Real Estate Management including being the Chicago chapter President and nationally, a regional Vice President.  In 2006, Dale was honored with the prestigious "Certified Property Manager" of the year award.

Scott Schlemmel

Director of Marketing & Client Care

Scott S. heads our marketing team, oversees the Client Care department and aids in contract administration.  He is also a Property Manager at Hillcrest and has an extensive background in both portfolio and site management.  Scott has been in the condominium management business for over 23 years and joined the Hillcrest team in 2003.  He likes the dynamics of working with various vendors and contractors that service our properties and enjoys working in different departments within our company as a senior management member. 

Steve Bottlemy

Director of Sales

Steve is in charge of all marketing and sales for Hillcrest Property Management.  He is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Illinois and is currently a member of the National Association of Realtors.  Steve has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.  Over the past 30 years, he has been involved in many areas of real estate including both commercial and residential.  Steve was the General Manager for a company who owned numerous large commercial properties, he was the owner of a residential real estate company on the North Shore that specialized in new  construction, he marketed a number of subdivisions on the North Shore and in the Northern suburbs and finally, he marketed and sold a number of residential and commercial properties.  Steve's most recent experience has been in marketing.  Over the past 8 years, he has successfully marketed a number of companies located in the Chicago area.

Helen Kocemba


Helen is responsible for the accounting and reporting for Hillcrest.  She began working in the real estate industry in 1976 as a sales agent and then a broker.  In 1986, Helen joined the Hillcrest team.  Her duties started with her working in the accounting and customer service areas.  In 1989, Helen received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting.  With this additional background, Helen's duties expanded and she quickly rose to the position of being Corporate Comptroller for Hillcrest.  As our staffing requirements increase, Helen is ready to take on the scope and nature of any challenge that might come about. 

Scott Millard

Director of Office Standards and Personnel

Scott has been in the real estate industry including property management for almost 30 years.  Scott has a unique technical background in that in addition to being a property manager, he also has a law degree.  Scott always makes himself available to our other property managers who in turn, use his legal expertise to solve complex association issues that do arise from time to time.  Scott relishes the many challenges associations face in today's ever changing property management environment.  Scott really enjoys working with the boards, owners, vendors and contractors at each of the associations he manages.

Jennie Jensen

Accounting Administrator

Jennie started with Hillcrest in August of 2000 as a member of the accounts receivable department.  Through hard work and with her take-charge attitude, Jennie is now our accounting department supervisor.  In her duties at Hillcrest, Jennie assists in the training of new employees, she is responsible for setting up all the information for each new association, she maintains all software programs and finally, she supervises our accounting personnel in regards to all day to day accounting needs for each of the associations we manage.


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